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Splashed with Water


Pure Water Solutions for Your Home and Business

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We believe clean and great-tasting water should be available for everyone.

So we provide water filtration products that make access to clean and great-tasting water easy.


For every home and business in the Caribbean. 

As caretakers of this planet, it is our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact AND our plastic consumption.


Espo Water Solutions is committed to the future of our kids.

Get the best water filters, softeners, purifiers and generators offered on the market - with the smallest environmental footprint - for your very best tomorrow. 

You deserve the best water. Period.

The Espo Water product suite is the result of countless hours of research and dedication.

Still or sparkling. Chilled, ambient, or instant hot.

Ultraviolet filtration, reverse osmosis, - wait, water generated directly from air?

We are here to exceed your needs. Espo Water products ensure you and your family - or you and your business - are kept drinking the highest quality, best-tasting, and healthiest water. 

Without sacrificing the environment.


We are passionate about bringing the Caribbean the cutting-edge technology that reflects the constantly innovating water filtration and purification marketplace.

Have a look around, we are so glad you're here!

- The Espo Water Team 

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Water Filter Faucet

Watch your tap water go from mediocre to 'wow that's incredible' in just a few short steps:

  • head to the residential or commercial page

  • choose your product

  • fill in the form on the page

  • our customer representative will contact you

  • the product is delivered to your door

Now isn't that convenient? 

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