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Residential Products

Drinking Water at Home
tappwater faucet filtration into glass

We provide a range of faucet filtration products for the home and are the exclusive distributers of Tappwater products in the Caribbean.

Tappwater products fit directly onto your faucet, are easy to install, and the filters themselves are biodegradable. An excellent choice for any eco-conscious consumer hoping to reduce their plastic footprint and save their wallet some cash!

Choose from a range of options based on the size of your household and the range of your budget. All Tappwater products can be ordered directly from the site linked below. Happy shopping!

bluewater reverse osmosis purifer under the sink

Bluewater products are the industry leader in reverse osmosis water purification systems, offering multiple options for residential homes. 

We provide two of these options for in-home installation; the Cleone and the Spirit. Both systems fit under the sink and offer a 5-stage charcoal purification process for the ultimate in great-tasting and purified water. 

Unlike other reverse osmosis systems, the Cleone and the Balance recover approximately 25% of the water used to generate the filtration. This is 100 times higher than industry standard. Click the button below for more details. 

M104 touch.png

Our bottle-less coolers are designed for the ultimate in speedy water delivery. Forget hauling those huge bottles to the water cooler and instead invest in system that connects directly to your water source. 

These bottle-less coolers generate cold water, ambient water, hot water, and sparkling water on demand. Created by high-tech water industry company Charm, they are the perfect fit for the busy family. 


The CO2 cylinder is inside the cooler, giving you a neat and tidy counter surface and a quick and easy liftable connector makes the cylinder change a breeze when it's time.


Get Mother Nature involved and use our generators to make water from air - we ain't kidding. These cutting-edge systems harness atmospheric moisture to generate water, filter, and purify it before delivering it directly to your glass. 

Air is the second-largest source of water in the world. Our device utilizes this untapped potential to produce pure drinking water anywhere with relative humidity as low as 20%. These products are made for the Caribbean!

The device works by drawing in air, after which condensation of vapour takes place inside a specially designed patented loop technology which has the ability to harness water even in adverse climatic conditions.

a sleek black faucet pouring purified water into glass

Borg & Overström tap and filtration systems are installed directly onto your counter with a below-counter system to provide you with choices for your daily water intake.


Chilled, sparkling, or ambient water can be dispensed manually and also via touch-free via the Bluetooth® app. The discreet digital touch panel has an antimicrobial coating for a reassuringly clean experience.

With a built-in drip tray and 310mm dispense area for refilling bottles and jugs, it’s highly practical solution for all your water needs. The T2 is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly.  Learn more below!


Vulcan from Germany has finally found an alternative to adding salt and chemicals to your water in an attempt to 'soften' the minerals it contains. This is the eco-friendly solution to hard water issues. 

These compact electro-magnetic devices come in a multitude of sizes and fit directly on your pipe system. No chemicals, no maintenance, no professional installation. They leave all the good minerals (like calcium and potassium) in, while softening the molecules with impulses.

These water softeners also ensure rust and limescale doesn't build-up in the pipes themselves, so your pipes have higher longevity. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 2.39.18 PM.png

Get better prepared than ever for hurricane season or those pesky water outages. 

Underground rainwater harvesting systems from GRAF make ecological and economic sense. Up to 50 % of your potential drinking water can be saved from collecting rainwater, preserving groundwater reserves and taking the strain off wastewater treatment systems.

Get just the tank or include a self-cleaning filtration system which delivers potable and fully filtered water directly to your tap!

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