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Water Softeners


Vulcan is an electronic (capacitive) impulse based water treatment system that solves your problems with scale and rust. Vulcan is an eco-friendly solution without salt or chemicals.

Vulcan System vs. Regular Softeners: 

Regular water softeners are not only expensive to purchase but also you will need a specialist to do the installation. Once in place you will have to constantly refill it with salt. Maintenance includes the constant refilling with salt, the washing of the granule and the checking of valves and measuring station. They use huge amounts of water and can result in health issues because of the sodium intake increase!

How is the Vulcan treatment system different?
The treatment does NOT change the overall water hardness. Unlike in chemical water treatment systems (e.g. a water softener that uses salt) the water treated by Vulcan does not lose minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The natural composition of the elements in the water remains the same. However, due to a change of the water surface tension your skin will feel remarkably softer.

You are sure to feel this effect when taking a shower or even simply washing your hands. Most importantly, scale loses its adhesive characteristic. The treatment does not, however, change the measured water hardness. So on a chemical level you have the same hardness before and after the treatment.


Vulcan Water Softeners

Vulcan offers an eco-friendly technology that comes with an outstanding quality commitment and a ten-year warranty. It solves problems with hard water in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

These system prevent scale and rust using the Vulcan-Impulse-Technology and treating the water without applying any chemicals or salt.

Special electronic impulses change the crystallization process of the calcium in hard water, causing the particles to lose their ability to stick to surfaces. Therefore, 

  • Important minerals remain in the water

  • Maximum working life of machinery and equipment

  • Reduction of scale deposits in the whole piping system

Vulcan systems are maintenance-free, have an easy DIY-installation, and continue to prevent scaling and rust build-up while sanitizing your water. A worthwhile investment. 

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